Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Something new...?

So, I thought we should have a blog, and here it is. Not quite sure what we'll write about. Time will tell I guess. Also - if you, whoever you are, want to write anything, then let us know and if its suitable we'll put it up.

Well, we've got the Bleep Test coming up this Saturday, should be another good one - Ok Tokyo (http://www.myspace.com/oktokyo) from Reading have a nice amount of buzz building behind them thanks to the NME & the BBC, and have been touring with Mumm-Ra. Support is coming from Attack! Switch Attack! from London. Not a million miles from a Young Knives-y type sound, but maybe more art rock inclined. (http://www.myspace.com/attackswitchattack).

The Bleep Test nights have been going far better than we had ever hoped. Its been packed for the last few - whether that is due to the bands we're booking, or word spreading about the night, I don't know - hopefully its a bit of both. Its been said by quite a few people that it is the best night at the Oakford - so we'll look to keep that up. There has also been talk of taking it to London - this is still at a very preliminary stage.

Chris & I DJ'd at ClubVelocity at the weekend - notable mentions must go to Ben Marwood & the Heartwear Process. I hadn't seen either in a long time, and they were both very, very good. The venue, Plug & Play still suffers from being seen as a long way out of town though (even though it really isn't that far) and by the time the last band (Hello Wembley) came on the crowd was very much on the sparse side.

Whilst on the subject of Plug & Play - it got a mention in Johnny Foreigner's tour blog (on tour with Los Campesinos):

February 20Reading. The venue has been changed to, Ian Faith I kid you not, a rehearsal room foyer. We get there early, yay wireless! Then LC! turn up with their Macbook fleet begin the connection battle. We begin army-style plans for best use of available internet time. Our dressing room is one big rehearsal room and there was the resident quota of Black Sabbath cover bands in the other rooms. 200 people in a tiny room, was amazing.
Make of that what you will.
Thats all for now - apart from to say you should check out these 2 songs:

Kills - Cheap & Cheerful: http://hypem.com/track/499688
DIOYY - With a heavy heart: http://hypem.com/track/504493

For now,